• C.A.S.E. Project
  • C.A.S.E. Project

C.A.S.E. Project

Year: 2009-2010 - Location: L'Aquila, Italy

Post-earthquake construction (9 months duration) of 4.449 flats within 186 base-isolated buildings for 15.000 people; 7.328 seismic isolators.

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Prof. G. M. Clavi as Responsible of Consortium forCASE.

The project has been completed within only nine months subsequently the earthquake occurred in L'Aquila on April the 6th, 2009 and includes the construction of 185 seismically isolated buildings, with a total accommodation capacity of 15,000 people within 19 compounds with garages, technological infrastructure and 65 hectares of parks. It represents an innovative intervention from the management, design, technical and shipbuilding point of view; it is characterized by industrialization of the prototype of the seismically isolated slab, carried out with the installation of more than 7,000 seismic isolators, employed for the first time on a large scale in the housing sector.

The 4,500 apartments, furnished and finished in record time thanks to the use of the most experimental prefabrication technologies available on the market, from wood to steel, are 90% in energy class A +, A and B, with 4,700 kWp of photovoltaic installed power.

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Tags: Design, Base isolation, Seismic assessment, Work supervision, Apartments, Project management

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